Blueface and DJ Akademiks have been going back and forth with one another, and things may have escalated via Twitter recently. Akademiks revealed that Blueface’s home was in foreclosure, with Blueface saying Akademiks was referring to his second home. The rapper also said the house was labeled a “nuisance” because of the high amount of 911 calls. 

From there, Blueface challenged Akademiks to a fight, saying, “Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now.”  The rapper then fired off more tweets, saying, “Crazy n***as pick [and] choose who they wanna be tough with who wanna squabble up tho 👀.”

Akademiks then responded by saying, “Fight the 10 n***as who piped ya girl out + the girl who keep beating ur a**, and IM 100% DOWN.” The online personality then said, “I got $5 K per n***a who f**ked BLUEFACE girl who down to get on my twitch stream breaking it down how it happened. F**k maury. BIG AK finna do a paternity test for that broke a** n***a BLUEFACE. I’m pledging $50k for this effort. WHO GOT BLUEFACE girl pregnant.” Take a look above. 

source: Twitter