Things got heated between a Georgia substitute bus driver and a parent after an argument escalated into a physical altercation. 

According to reports, the incident happened last week in Paulding County, Georgia, at Allgood Elementary School as students were making their way home. Video showed the bus parked at a busy intersection as parents pulled their children from the vehicle's windows and emergency exit. 

One of the parents told authorities the bus driver was refusing to let the children off the bus. The video then shows the bus driver screaming at one of the parents before being slapped. 

Samantha Lee, one of the parents of an Allgood Elementary student said the driver refused to let students off the bus due to not having proper identification cards that let her know which students were to be let off at which stop. After an argument ensued over this matter, Lee said that the bus driver initiated the physical violence. 

“She takes her left hand and she assaults the parent right here on her neck,” said Lee, adding that the parent returned the favor. “I think in the moment it was like, ‘Smack! Smack.’ … She closes the doors and it was kind of like, ‘OK, I can’t tame you guys, so I’ll take your kids now. And she had a smirk on her face and drove away with our kids.”

“I keep replaying, seeing my daughter hanging out the window and screaming at the top of her lungs, and I couldn’t do anything to prevent that, you know? The whole thing has been very emotional for me,” Lee added.