Young Dro came through for his first VladTV interview in some years, and he started speaking to Shawn Prez about his upbringing in Atlanta, and he went on to detail his friendship with Kriss Kross rapper Chris Smith. Speaking more about his childhood, Young Dro detailed getting in the streets at a young age and being shot when he was just 15. From there, Young Dro detailed his affiliation with T.I. and watching his career blow up, touring with Tip, and dropping his own hit song, “Shoulder Lean.” Young Dro then detailed his addiction while he was on a career-high, which included landing on the XXL Freshman list. Moving along, Young Dro detailed being arrested, going to rehab, and how his life has changed today. To hear more, including Young Dro speaking about future projects, hit the full interview above.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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