According to reports, a gay Georgia couple is being accused of sexually assaulting their adopted sons and pimping them out to perform sex acts on other adult men. 

Zachary Zulock and William Zulock were arrested back in July after a police raid where authorities found video evidence that they were "engaging in sexually abusive acts" with the adopted children. Court documents show the couple is now facing a grand jury indictment under charges of felony sexual exploitation of children, aggravated child molestation, felony prostitution of a minor, aggravated sodomy, and incest, amounting to possibly nine life sentences.

Per Fox News: 

the boys, both in third and fourth grade at the time of the arrest, were sexually abused by the couple who anally raped the minors in addition to performing oral sex on them. The indictment also alleges that the couple forced the boys to perform oral sex on them, and in one case, the older sibling was injured due to the anal rape.