Update 01/21/2023 1:51am:

Cooler heads seem to have prevailed following the halftime verbal altercation between Shannon Sharpe and Tee Morant. Following the game, Sharpe told ESPN's Dave McMenamin what sparked the incident: 

“They didn’t want this smoke, Dave [...] They do all that talking and jockeying and I ain’t about that jockeying. It started with Dillon Brooks. I said he was too small to guard LeBron. He said, ‘F***’ me. I said, ‘F*** you’ back. He started to come at me and I said, ‘You don’t want these problems.’
“And then Ja came out of nowhere talking. He definitely didn’t want these problems. Then the dad came and he obviously didn’t want no problems. But I wanted anything they had. Don’t let these fools fool you now.”

Original 01/21/2023 12:23am:

Tensions flared at halftime of the Los Angeles Lakers' Friday night matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies but the confrontation wasn't between the players, but rather a few high-profile spectators. 

Tee Morant, the father of the dynamic Ja Morant, and LeBron superfan and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe exchanged words during halftime and required people to step in to keep the two men separated as they jawed at one another. 

From the video, it appears that Grizzlies' center Steven Adams and Ja himself were also involved in the verbal spat though the full context of the situation has yet to be revealed. 

Source: Instagram.com