Eight high school students (ages 14-17) are facing criminal charges amid an on-campus brawl that resulted in the hospitalization of one of the participants. The fighting erupted on Tuesday morning, right before classes began, and it was captured on camera. The footage shows a series of fistfights and shoving matches going down simultaneously when the camera follows a certain fistfight in particular as it moves down the hallway. During this exchange, one of the students gains the upper hand and bodyslams the other before fleeing the scene. Immediately after the student's body hit the ground, he went into a seizure, prompting several concerned students to rush to his aid. He reportedly suffered a serious concussion and has since been hospitalized. However, none of the injuries sustained are considered life-threatening.

Following the melee, the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office filed charges against all eight suspects. So far, the charges include assault by mob, assault and battery, and malicious wounding. More charges could be forthcoming depending on what law enforcement discovers upon their investigation.


Source: MSN