Although Forrest Galante was born in California, he was raised in Africa, where his mother was the proprietor of a safari company. Hence a young Galante experienced many adventures in the bush while developing a passion for the wild animals of Zimbabwe. Today, the 34-year-old hosts a TV show on Discovery Chanel called "Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante."  He recently appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Show, where he delivered a bone-chilling take about the probability of 50 ft anacondas being alive and somewhere out there. He explains that creatures such as these would likely dwell in high-temperature/tropical environments such as the Amazon and Indonesia. That's when things got really Galante wrapped up his explanation, he followed it by retelling a "true story" about a 100 ft anaconda-looking snake that was so mighty in stature it once attacked an airplane during World War II.

"The only place that has a wet, tropical, humid, high density of prey environment that doesn't have a massive snake is the Congo, Central Africa," Galante said.

"That's interesting," replied Rogan.

"Now, stay with me, that area is home to some African rock pythons and stuff but not big monster anaconda-size ones, right? But, during World War II, there was a colonel who flew over, and this was a well-respected colonel...him and his two passengers in the plane both reported a 100 ft long snake. They flew over it once. They were like 'wait a minute, what is that?' They were Dutch-Belgium in the Congo. They flew over it once, went 'what is that?" Flew over it two more times to verify it and got so low to the ground that they said the snake struck at the airplane, and all three people, the pilot, this well-respected colonel, and the two passengers had the exact same story of this giant snake in Central Africa."

"Interesting," Rogan said.

"Yeah, and yet no big snake has ever been proven from there," added Galante. "But it's also a very poorly biologically explored area."

The name of aforementioned colonel from Galante's story was a pilot named Remy Van Lierde. The fighter ace for the Belgium Army took a picture of the large snake from his military aircraft, the exact size and species of the reptile remains a debated topic to this very day. Some allege that it was an anacoda, because they are the largest snakes in the world but they are not native to the continent of Africa. Others have aruged that the snake was a reticulated python, a African rock python or even a prehistoric snake known as a Titanoboa.


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Source: YouTube