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In this clip, Vlad started off by asking Raz B about posting on Instagram about an incident at his home with the police. He explained that he was locked out of his apartment, and he kicked in the door, which he said led to a neighbor calling the police. Raz B added that things escalated after he told the police the situation, and he locked himself in the bathroom and called the police about having the officers removed. Raz B explained that he felt unsafe because the police walked into his house without a warrant, and he added that he takes accountability for breaking into his place. From there, Vlad asked Raz B about Omarion talking about him in his book and saying that he supported Raz while they were on tour. Raz B explained that he’s not over Omarion taking money from him, and he went on to speak about Omarion calling his B2K group mates his “secret enemies.” Raz agreed and went on to speak about people saying they’ve had issues with Omarion after he separated himself from B2K, which Raz thinks shows that Omarion was an issue in the group.