According to the Ministry of Public Security of Panama, the country shipped 55.7 of stolen cocaine to the United States on Tuesday with the intention of having the drugs destroyed. At the moment, the country of Panama does not have a drug incinerator, an environment-friendly, high-heat sterilization machine used to dispose of narcosis in a manner that dissolves the components.

“We need to guarantee a healthy environment, and this is a concrete action for the benefit of all," explained  Juan Manuel Pino, the Minister of Public Security in Panama. 

The drug incinerator is a known commodity in the D.E.A. Therefore, the stolen cocaine will be disposed of in the city of Philadelphia. Ironically enough, some of Philadelphia's ports have an interesting history regarding cocaine-related drug busts. In 2019, US Customs and Border Protection recovered more than $1 billion worth of cocaine at a Philadelphia seaport.

When further detailing his decisions to send the drugs to the United States, Juan Manuel Pino indicated that the transfer and subsequent ruination of the product were secure and free of charge, per a "cooperation deal" between the two countries. He also gave assurances that his inner-institutional team would be on hand to assist in the delivery of the drugs from Panama to the United States. 


Source: News Room Panama