News broke right before Christmas of Gucci Mane's 1017 artist Big Scarr passing away at just 22 years old. Now, Scarr’s close friend and collaborator Quezz Ruthless is claiming that Gucci refused to pay for his artist's funeral. 

In a video, Quezz stated, "You say to them you finna pay for the funeral, then you lie. You didn’t have to lie! You ain’t have to go ghost either, cuh. It was gonna get paid for either way. You could’ve just said you ain’t have the money. You don’t get no type of respect for that, cuh." 

He added, "The minute that them folks called yo phone to see if you gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them. That’s not real, cuh. You ain’t straight. You only trying to act all real. You posted Scarr talking ’bout some long live — bruh, you ain’t do nothing, cuh.

"When they texted you and asked you about Scarr’s funeral, cuh, you told them folks that Keyshia’s birthday coming up. Man, y’all rich! Y’all can celebrate her birthday any day. Come on now, cuh." 

After Big Scarr's sister reiterated Quezz's claims online, Gucci's wife, Keyshia Ka'Oir, stepped in to address the situation. Keyshia provided receipts from where Gucci paid the funeral home directly. Keyshia also claimed that she and Gucci sent flowers to the funeral home, but they have yet to receive a thank you from Scarr's family.