Keith Murray's sit-down with The Art of Dialogue is going viral after he talked about telling Biggie to leave L.A. the night he was killed, which Murray believed would've saved his life. 

In the latest clip from the interview, Keith shared a wild story about Ludacris' former DTP artist Shawnna. Keith called Shawnna "another one that got away," adding that "Shawnna is a beautiful woman to me." 

Keith explained that one encounter went down before a performance at The House of Blues, and he claims that Ludacris told him, "Don't do it," referring to hooking up with Shawnna. From there, Keith claims that he went down on Shawnna in front of one of her friends, and another time in his Benz. 

Keith also admitted that he still has feelings for Shawnna, despite never having sex, and he adds that he'd be down to meet up again if she doesn't have a boyfriend.