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In this clip, Vlad started off speaking about the YSL RICO case, which addresses a Young Thug lyric they’re trying to tie into a crime against YFN Lucci’s mother. Vlad then predicted that if Young Thug is given a plea deal where he pleads guilty to the crime, YFN Lucci’s mother could turn around and sue the record label. Vlad added that this could change the course of record labels and gangsta rap, and Van then explained how he has an issue with “murder rap,” not gangsta rap. Van then argued that 50 Cent’s “What Up Gangsta” as an example of gangsta rap, where an artist details his environment, versus murder rap. Van then named “Who I Smoke” as an example of what he would consider murder rap, where they name actual victims. Van clarified that this isn’t something new, but he believes that it’s a dangerous game that artists are playing, calling it a fire that can’t be put out.