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Part 2: TK Kirkland: Tory Lanez Got Found Guilty Because His Jury was Smart & Stuck to Facts


TK Kirkland came through for yet another VladTV interview, and TK started off speaking about his health and getting older. While on the topic, TK revealed that he goes to the doctor every three months, which he says keeps him disciplined. Vlad then added that while he was giving financial advice on Vlad Stocks, he encouraged people to get health insurance first. From there, Vlad spoke about Tory Lanez being found guilty on all counts in his trial with Megan Thee Stallion. TK stated that “it hurt” when he heard the news, and TK added that he wanted Tory to win the case because he thought Megan looked like she wasn’t telling the truth. Speaking more about Megan, TK explained that it was unnecessary to bring up her sexual history. Vlad then broke down the love triangle with Megan, Tory, and Kelsey Nicole, and TK said that he was unaware but he thinks it “all makes sense” now. Vlad then explained that a lot of people believed that Tory would walk away, and TK added that he felt the same way. TK then explained that if you’re going to be a player, you have to be intelligent, and he added that Tory wasn’t smooth enough to handle two women.