X17 Online recently caught up with Ye, aka Kanye West, who told them that he's not bipolar, which he previously claimed.

Kanye started off speaking to the paparazzi about the recent Balenciaga scandal, and he believes that he was saved from being attached to the brand at the time after tweeting that he was going "death con 3" on Jewish people. The tweet, among others, led to Kanye being dropped from several brand deals, and he told X17 Online that he thinks it was a blessing. 

While he was explaining his side of the situation, Kanye said, "In no way- I am not bipolar, I'm not in some kind of episode, but I may be slightly autistic. Like, 'Rain Man,' and that's part of my super power. That's why I can produce tracks, design, and do so many things." 

Kanye went on to state that he doesn't know how to hate people because autistic people are incapable of anything but love. He then claimed that China controls the U.S. because they make all of the cell phones that people in America use. Ye stated, "The Jewish people are the middle men. They sold America to China. They sold the American media." 

Kanye closed out the interview by saying that China isn't the enemy, but rather, Satan. You can hear more above.