Dr. Umar Johnson recently appeared on the Breakfast Club where he broached a number of topics, including the ongoing controversy surrounding Kanye West. 

Johnson was asked by DJ Envy if things would've been different had Ye married a black woman and naturally Dr. Umar believed so. “Oh absolutely. I think Kim Kardashian used him,” he said straightaway. “And the fact that they’re making that man pay $200,000 a month in child support when both he and the wife are billionaires are absolutely ridiculous. I think that they wanna break him.”

However, he made sure to distance himself from Ye's recent remarks championing antisemiticism and heralding Nazi leader Adolph Hitler. “And although I don’t agree with the way in which Kanye articulated some of his thoughts, I appreciate the fact that he was the first Black man since Michael Jackson to speak truth to power.”

Source: Instagram.com