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Part 15: Boosie on if Young Thug Could Go Free After His Lawyer Found DA's Fake Paperwork
Part 13: Boosie Isn't Surprised 300 Witnesses are Being Called in YSL RICO Case
Part 1: Boosie on Takeoff's Passing: Rappers were Crown Jewels in the Hood, Now We're Opps


In this clip, Vlad asked Boosie about being accused of trying to kill the D.A. and his kids during his case, and Boosie explained that he was told that it was a tactic to make him look bad in the public eye. Vlad then asked Boosie about hearing the news while he was on death row, Boosie revealed that he was woken up by the news, and he stated that he thought he was dreaming. From there, Boosie explained how he felt when he got the “not guilty” verdict, and he stated that he was only focused on getting money.