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Part 6: Montell Jordan on Creating "This Is How We Do It", Explains Why He Sampled Slick Rick
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Montell Jordan talked about Def Jam and his first encounter with Russell Simmons, which he called “bizarre.” Jordan flew out to New York City and was taken out to a cafe where he got sat at one table while Simmons was at another table. The singer noted people like Warren G, Reginald Hudlin, Chris Rock, and others. From there, Simmons invited Jordan to his penthouse, where Simmons didn’t say anything to him but hopped on a treadmill instead.

Jordan then said Run of Run DMC came up and said hello to him, which prompted Russell to speak and say, “That’s my rap singer.” Run began to describe how Russell Simmons talked about Montell positively despite him not saying anything to him. LL Cool J popped into Russell’s place after Run and started talking to him.

From there, he described going to the movies with Russell and a friend later that night, which led to them going to a strip club. Before going into the club, Jordan said he was asked to sing in the back of a car for Simmon’s friend, who turned out to be the late Andre Harrell. Simmons then told him, “go back to LA and get a lawyer.”

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