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Part 5: B-Lovee on Why He Doesn't Think YSL's RICO Case Could Happen in New York
Part 3: B-Lovee on Kay Flock Getting Arrested for Murder, Represented By El Chapo's Lawyer
Part 1: B-Lovee on Dropping Out of School at 14, Getting Arrested, How He Met Kay Flock


DJ Vlad starts this clip off by asking B-Lovee if he feels like it's safe for him to go back to the projects where he is from. To that, B-Lovee indicates that he can still go back to his old neighborhood freely. DJ Vlad responds by cautioning him and citing rappers such as Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in his own neighborhood. This prompts a conversation about the late PnB Rock, who B-Lovee was supposed to record a song with. The NYC-based rapper shares his thoughts on PnB Rock's murder before talking about the way he moves to protect his life.