The Fall of 2022 has not been kind to the rap community. Takeoff was tragically shot in Houston, Texas, the day after Halloween. And back on September 12th, PnB Rock was gunned down at Roscoe's House of Chicken N' Waffles in South Los Angeles. Since then, several pundits in hip-hop have expressed their desire for peace while cautioning rappers about moving around in Los Angeles. PnB Rock's younger brother, PnB Meen, recently shared an IG story stating that he's visited L.A. three times since his brother's death. The Philadelphia native even made a pit stop at the same Roscoe's where his brother was murdered.

When a media outlet posted a clip that read, “PnB Rock Shot And Killed In LA PnB Meen Pulls Up 9 Deep Things Go Left Shooter,” PnB Meen responded by making a slight correction to the numbers and more.

“Actually I pulled up 20 deep...Get yaw story str8. I been to LA three times since. Don’t speak on sh*t you don’t know about. I been moving.”

Scroll up and swipe right to look at a screenshot of PnB Meen's post via IG stories.

Source: Hotnewhiphop