In 2020, EST Gee tragically lost his mother to leukemia and his brother in a shooting incident. Needless to say, in terms of family dynamics, a lot of responsibility has been heaped on his shoulders since signing a record deal with CMG one year later. To make matters even more pressing, a woman claiming to be his sister recently pleaded for his help on social media after revealing that she was homeless with her five children.

"I am EST Gee's, and I'm homeless," said the woman as she fought back the tears and looked down into the camera lens. "I have five kids, I don't have any support."

In addition to the video, the woman shared photos of herself with EST Gee when they were kids. You can view one of them here.

The short video clip lasts about fifteen seconds, and it began to circulate on social media about 20 hours ago. Scroll up and press play to take a look.

Source: Instagram