The topic everyone in hip hop is weighing in on continues to be 21 Savage's remark about the legend Nas not being "relevant." 

The two Harlemites provided similar opinions on the matter as they saw 21's comments as being misconstrued more than anything. “It’s like you can’t even have no opinions out here nowadays,” Jones said. “And they’re so quick to misconstrue everything you say. ’Cause I don’t believe that he was trying to say it in a—”

Juelz added, “He wasn’t saying it in a malicious way at all.”

“I’m just looking at what 21 Savage was saying. I don’t think that he meant it as what people were taking it as, or shit like that,” Jones explained. “Because in today’s society, with the younger generation, these kids are very lit out here, and they put ‘lit’ and ‘relevant’ in the same thing, when it’s two different things.”

“I think they should have found out what 21’s definition of relevant is, too. When you ask questions, you got to be real particular ’cause he’s just talking ...” Juelz elaborated. 

He added, “If Nas would have said something about 21 nobody [would’ve said anything] ’cause they feel like Nas got a right, because of who he is … They feel like because 21 ain’t Nas, he don’t got a right to talk about Nas. And that’s the fucked up thing in the world we live in, ’cause we all have a right to our opinion.”