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Part 22: Freeway Rick on His Plug Wanting $75K for Interview after Snitching, Giving Him Life
Part 1: Freeway Ricky: You Got Me in Trouble with Harry O, Apologize for What I Said about Him


In this clip, motivational speaker/businessman Freeway Ricky introduces a professional boxer that he represents to the VladTV audience named Anthony Peterson (42-1-1). He then goes on to explain what made him want to work with Peterson. From there, Peterson jumps in and talks to DJ Vlad about his aspirations as a boxer and why he has not received a title fight yet. Peterson breaks down the the behind the scenes politics involved with professional boxing. To that, DJ Vlad shares his thoughts on the marketing machine behind Jake Paul and why he's been able to land so many big name fights so early in his boxing career. Later in the discussion, Peterson reveals that he's the younger brother of an ex WBA boxing champion. named Lamont Peterson. He goes to say that no champion wants to fight him because they'd have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. This prompts DJ Vlad to refer the two interviewees to an old interview of his with Buster Douglas, before explaining why boxing promoters didn't want to take on his fight with Mike Tyson.

Moving along, Freeway Ricky, introduces another client to VladTV, a music video producer named Mike Ho. After Freeway Ricky explains how they met, the two interviewees talk about the movie that they're working on together about his life. From there, Mike Ho jumps in and explains his vision for the upcoming project about Freeway Ricky and the raw story that he hopes to deliver to their consumers. As the discussion moves along, Freeway Ricky talks about what his story means to the Black community. Later in the interview, Freeway Ricky shares his disappointment in season five of 'Snowfall' on FX, indicating that the writers/producers have taken too many liberties and deviated from what actually happened in South Central.