Danny Brown recently sat down with Joe Rogan, and he revealed that Nas tried to sign him to his Mass Appeal Records before he joined Warp Records. 

Danny explained why he decided to go with Warp, as he stated, "[Nas] wanted to sign me to his label. I didn’t sign to him because… money. The other contract was more money, man, and that’s what it is. But sometimes I think about that. Did I make a mistake? Just because the artist that I looked up to my entire life, that made me be a rapper, tried to sign me, and I didn’t sign with him — all because of money." 

This comes after Tony Yayo told VladTV that he almost signed Danny at the start of his career, and he revealed that Danny was staying at his house. Tony explained that while things were good between them, Danny eventually decided to sign with Fool's Gold, which Danny detailed with Joe Rogan.

"I wouldn't say [Fool’s Gold] were really into signing me at the time, but Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest was real close with A-Trak, who's one of the owners of Fool's Gold, and they hung out. A-Trak was like, 'We're thinking about signing Danny Brown.' Q-Tip was like, 'N***a, thinking? Are you retarded? This is one of the illest n***as!' He broke it down to him, like what makes me so ill.

"So then he was like, 'F*** it. Yeah I'ma sign cuz.' So boom, I signed for $5,000. Literally, $5,000. And it was SXSW happening the next week, and I had like two shows. I literally spent the entire signing bonus at SXSW the next week, so I had no money, super broke. I'm living off my girl; her banking on me making it as a rapper."