Following a highly publicized stunt on top of a sacred Mayan pyramid in Chichén Itzá (in the Mexican state of Yucatán), locals have nicknamed the trespasser, Abigail Villalobos, "Lady Chichén Itzá." The 29-year-old became an infamous celebrity this week when she climbed the steps of the Temple of Kukulcán before dancing and wiggling once she reached the top. However, upon her return to the ground level at El Castillo, Abigail was pelted with rocks, doused with water bottles, booed, and called several insults in Spanish by patrons who were clearly offended by her actions on the historic landmark. Following the on-camera incident, Abigail was escorted through an agitated crowd of onlookers by the Tinúm Municipal Police. She was then fined 5,000 pesos and arrested for her actions. 

Climbing the Temple of Kukulcán has been a direct violation of federal laws in Mexico since 2008. Scroll up to watch the aforementioned incident.

Source: ABC Chicago