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Part 6: Saigon & Ali Vegas on Kanye: They'll Assasinate You or Kill Your Character
Part 4: Saigon & Ali Vegas: No New Artist Checked Akademiks for Calling Rap Pioneers "Dusty"
Part 1: Saigon & Ali Vegas on Kanye Saying His Mom was "Sacrificed", Dissing Jay-Z & Beyonce


In this clip, Saigon and Ali Vegas continued to discuss possible solutions on how to stop violence in the Black community, and Saigon spoke about how revolutionary rap doesn’t sell. Saigon added that a lot of DJs in New York didn’t support his project, aside from DJ Kay Slay, and Saigon added that he was told that it wasn’t violent enough. Saigon then questioned how Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would feel if they saw the Black youth killing one another, and Ali Vegas explained why it’s important to keep fighting for change. Saigon then stated that being a rapper is like being in the mafia today, and he also addressed Shaq calling Kyrie Irving an “idiot,” which Saigon thinks set them back. Saigon added that rappers and athletes are being treated as leaders, when he thinks they shouldn’t be.

Moving along, Saigon addressed the concept of “checking in” when you travel to another city, and Ali Vegas explained that he thinks it’s a fad today. Ali added that the younger generation lives recklessly, and Saigon explained that rappers are glorified every time they go to jail. Saigon then spoke about Fat Joe, Gillie and Wallo, warning younger artists that they see going down the wrong path, and he pointed out that pioneers in the game who could teach them aren’t revered in the culture. Saigon then pointed out that negative news always gets more attention in the world, which you can hear more about above.