Tupac Shakur was born on the East Coast before spending the majority of his years as a minor in the region. However, upon moving to Oakland, California, with his mother, Afeni Shakur, as a high school student, he was discovered by an educator from the Bay Area named Lelia Steinberg. She would go on to manage 2Pac as a recording artist before introducing him to the members of Digital Underground. The rest, as they say, is history.

In the years that followed, 2Pac adopted the Bay Area as his home. The love and respect were reciprocated as the late rapper would be honored by the city of Oakland with his very own holiday (June 16th) and educational curriculum at one of the most prestigious colleges in all of California, Berkeley University. From a global standpoint, three of 2Pac's most recognizable songs are "California Love," "Hit 'Em Up" and "To Live in Die in L.A." All of which are considered West Coast rap classics. In those songs and many more, 2pac made it quite clear which coast he represented and why. Nevertheless, some have contested the validity of 2Pac's claim over the years. In a recent interview with Cam Capone News, a Los Angeles-based rapper named Bricc Baby shared his feelings on the matter, indicating that Nipsey Hussle is the greatest emcee to have passed away from the West Coast, before explaining why he would disqualify 2Pac from being a part of that conversation.

Scroll up to take listen to Bricc Baby's take on 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle, and why he believes only one of them truly represents California. 

Source: Cam Capone News