Birdman's Cash Money Records is responsible for some of the biggest artists in the game, including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake, and during a recent Instagram Live, he made sure to point out that he created the blueprint for artists to hustle. 

As Lil Wayne’s “Money On My Mind” played in the background, Birdman stated, "I'm the creator of this hustle. I taught these n***as how to hustle in this game. I don't give a f*** about other n***as that did it before me. They didn't plant the seed of the hustle. We southern n***as, we created this sh*t. I created this sh*t. I'm the n***a that made these n***as rich." 

He then added, "I created the hustle plan. It was my thoughts, it was my plan. Something that I wanted to do. Get us out the streets and make the studio our streets. And I told the n***a the game. And now, we control and we run it. Hip-hop is us. We run hip-hop."