Update 11/24/2022 11:53am:

City Girls rapper JT sparked rumors that she and Lil Uzi Vert had broken up after she tweeted out "Single," but didn't add any context. Rumors started swirling about the hip-hop power couple splitting, including that Uzi was cheating with a model in L.A., which JT swiftly addressed. 

In a since-deleted tweet, JT wrote, "Since me and Uzi have been [official] it's been fiction never facts when it came to women y'all want him to be a cheater so bad! Lmao he's not, actually I was mad about something super petty!" 

Original 11/23/2022 7:00am:

The love saga that is Lil Uzi Vert and JT continues after the City Girl tweeted on Tuesday night that she's single. 

The one-word tweet "Single" got many Twitter users chattering about the status of her relationship with Uzi and whether this is it for good. While there are no details about their status it's an interesting develop nonetheless considering just last month JT commented on Lil Uzi being her "safe space." 

More information to come...

Source: Twitter.com