In this flashback, Iggy Azalea spoke about how 2Pac’s “Baby Don’t Cry” was the first song she heard that made her love music, which led to her speaking about why she identifies with 2Pac. Iggy explained that 2Pac seemed like a he was “conflicted,” and she admitted that she also feels that way. Iggy went on to say that she feels like a contradiction at times, which she said she also saw in 2Pac, and Iggy added that the rap persona is only a small piece of who you are. Iggy also spoke about 2Pac admitting to being wrong in the public eye, which she said allowed her to understand him more as a person. When it comes to revolutionary music, Iggy admitted that she doesn’t think that she’ll ever make music like 2Pac, but she explained that she does experiment with certain themes in her music.