Things went left during a recent No Jumper interview with Kelpy, an aspiring pimp who previously had a tense back-and-forth with No Jumper host Sharp in a video posted last month. Almighty Suspect sat down with Sharp for the original interview, and he also sat down with Adam22 for Kelpy's return to the show. 

Adam started off speaking to Kelpy about his background, including an interview he did on another platform and being raided by the police. From there, Adam asked Almighty Suspect why he was offended by the way Kelpy was dressed during his first interview, and he explained that Kelpy wearing a fur coat was like a "costume" of someone portraying a pimp.

As the interview progressed, things got heated as Almighty Suspect and Kelpy traded jabs. At one point, Almighty Suspect asks Kelpy, "Who are you? No one knows you!" This led to Kelpy responding by saying, "Ben Franklin knows who the f*** I am, b*tch," which led to Almighty Suspect punching Kelpy until the fight was broken up.