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Part 4: Boosie on Why You Don't See White Rappers Die Violently Like Black Rappers
Part 2: Boosie on 'Rocketman' Tribute to Takeoff, Jeezy on Remix,Reached Out to Quavo,Offset
Part 1: Boosie on Takeoff's Passing: Rappers were Crown Jewels in the Hood, Now We're Opps


In this clip, Vlad started off speaking about Quavo watching Takeoff get killed, and Boosie said the saddest thing to him is seeing the childhood photos of the two growing up. Vlad then spoke about Offset, and Boosie revealed that he’s the closest with Offset out of all the Migos members. This led to Vlad speaking about unsettled beef and someone passing away, and Vlad revealed that he settled his beef Combat Jack before his passing.