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Part 11: Yung Joc on Kanye Losing Touch with Blacks: He's Confused Us, He Confused Himself
Part 9: Yung Joc Goes Off: Who Gives a F*** About the Trends We Set If We Don't Own Anything?
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In this clip, Yung Joc reacted to Kanye West saying that Adidas would never drop him after his antisemitic comments. Joc explained the false sense of security people in Ye’s position have who believe they are invaluable to a corporation’s success only to find out they were simply a cog in the machine like all the others. Joc said it was just stupid for Ye to speak out against the very people who were paying him. As a result, he lost his deals with Balenciaga and GAP as well.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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