Michael Rapaport recently went after NBA player Jaylen Brown on social media, following Brown unintentionally showing support for Black Israelites who gathered outside the Barclays Center ahead of Kyrie Irving’s return to the Brooklyn Nets. Brown walked back his support, saying he didn’t realize what “specific group that was outside of the Barclays Center.” However, Rapaport wasn’t trying to hear it. 

Rapaport went on to say, “Risking everything for them tweets.” Nick Young didn't care for the comment made by Rapaport and responded to the actor by saying, “Bro you speaking [too] much on black [people].”

The actor fired back by saying, “[Nick Young] NEVER saw a White Girl he didn’t like.” Young said, “You got one taste of that black meat and left yo whole family and tried to become black.”  

source: Instagram