Reports surfaced noting that researchers at Harvard University are claiming they are close to reversing the aging process. 

The same study found researchers looking to see if human genes could reverse the aging process, with Harvard scientist and doctor David Sinclair saying aging and health decline stems from damage to the part of our cells that turns genes on and off.

Sinclair went on to say as people get older, they lose the ability to read their DNA correctly. Sinclair’s study found him restoring optic nerve cells and sight in mice with vision loss from aging. The process conducted by Sinclair found his team aging mice and then making them younger again. 

Sinclair noted the process conducted on one mouse that looks visibly older while another looks younger found his team breaking up the DNA, forcing the body to repair itself, which causes aging. 

The technology from Sinclair and his team is based on Nobel Prize winner Shinya Yamanaka, and his work notes that cells can be reprogrammed to be stem cells. Sinclair said there is much work to be done, but his hope is that age reversal can be as simple as taking a pill at the doctor’s office. Watch above. 

Source: NBC News