According to reports, five people were revealed to be dead, while 18 others were injured following a mass shooting that took place at Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. 

Reports noted the shooting went down right before midnight this past Saturday night, and police received a massive amount of 911 phone calls right after the incident. 

Police confirmed they were able to get the gunman responsible, saying, “They did locate one individual who we believe to be the suspect inside. At this point in time, the suspect is being treated but is in custody.” Since then, the police have revealed the name of the assailant, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich. According to Chief Adrian Vasquez, Aldrich entered the club and started to fire his gun. From there, two people inside the club confronted Aldrich and fought the gunman to stop him from killing others. No motive for the attack has been determined. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: TMZ