Rev. Al Sharpton recently shared his thoughts on the tragedy of Migos rapper Takeoff being murdered in Houston, and he stated that it has nothing to do with hip-hop. 

Rev. Sharpton explained, "First of all, no one has been more on the gun violence and saying that we need to deal with things in hip-hop but I remember growing up, R&B artists used to into shootouts." He then added that social media has amplified the knowledge of these types of things happening, and Sharpton went on to address people blaming hip-hop. 

"You have a lot of people in hip-hop that are very responsible, that are very creative, that help their community. We should not act like hip-hop is synonymous. Those that are violent, we ought to deal with. But a thug is a thug whether they’re singing jazz, whether they’re R&B, whether they’re singing gospel. I know some preachers packing." 

Sharpton closed out his thoughts on the situation by saying, "Let’s not just make it just about hip-hop. Let’s make it about people who aren’t acting how they ought to act."