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In this clip, Havoc recalls the making of classic hits by Mobb Deep, such as "Shook Ones." The NYC native reveals that his rap duo made the beats and recorded the music in the projects of Queens Bridge instead of Prodigy's home in Long Island. From there, he explains why he wanted to move the recording equipment closer to his home. Moving along, Havoc asks what inspired Saigon to start rapping. Saigon responds by citing artists such as Public Enemy and how hip-hop inspired him to read more. Later on, the two emcees discuss the current state of rap music, including its violent nature and the recent wave of RICO charges that some artists have been hit with. They also share their thoughts on Prodigy's legacy, Mobb Deep's decision to collaborate with Lil Kim on "Quiet Storm," and how the two of them became friends.

Saigon and Havoc continued talking about Mobb Deep's classic collaboration with Lil Kim, which led them to highlight Lil Kim's influence on today's female rappers. Both agreed that she ushered in female artists becoming hyper-sexualized, and Saigon expressed his concerns regarding every popular female using Kim's blueprint. The conversation transitioned to a debate about Lauryn Hill and if she could thrive in today's industry. Saigon also pointed out the role an artist's image plays in their success. To hear more, check out the clip above.