Last week, it was reported that the family of George Floyd was pausing their lawsuit against Kanye West, who made remarks about Floyd while on ‘Drink Champs’ that went viral. Lee Merritt, the lawyer representing Floyd’s brother Philonise said they decided to take a step back from the suit after the episode featuring West’s comments was taken offline. Along with that, Kanye recently delivered a public apology for his George Floyd remarks. Since then, West has taken to social media to call out Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter. 

Via Instagram, West posted a photo of Washington and said “Now for Roxie Washington and Roxie Washington ALONE. I gave 2 million dollars out of my pocket for the family. To help George’s daughter…Your daughter!”

West continued “How much did BLM give???? Many gave words. I ACTED. Now because of words you want to sue me for 250 million dollars…. when I’m going through an Economic lynching. A Digital Lynching. A Social Credit Score bankrupting. You’re either being controlled or you’re being greedy…” The rapper then told Washington “But You better get you some business… 4 GOD get mad. This is how you try someone who was there for your family???? You will never get money from no one else.”

Kanye concluded by saying “To the Floyd family: I apologized to you and the black community for my comments on Drink Champs. Humbly… Now Come get Roxie before she mess up all y’all money. The Bible is the umbilical cord…Stay Connected.” Take a look above. 

source: Instagram