Last week, rapper Gunna and his legal team attempted to get bond for the rapper, only to be denied a third time. Now, legal documents that surfaced reveal the rapper and his team have filed a fourth motion for bond. 

Gunna’s co-lead counsel Steve Sadow explained the motion, saying, “On three prior occasions, Defendant Kitchens has moved the Court for a reasonable bond. On each occasion, the State has made proffers at hearings that turned out to be false and/or misleading.”

Sadow gave more detail, saying, “We now know for certain, that the State’s last-minute assertion at the third bond hearing on October 13 that there was a text message (not disclosed to Kitchens in discovery as the Court had expressly ordered) between two individuals (neither of whom was Kitchens), where one person ‘offered to murder’ another person on Kitchens’ behalf, was undeniably false.” 

Earlier this year, Gunna wrote an open letter, saying, “For now, I don’t have my freedom. But I am innocent. I am being falsely accused and will never stop fighting to clear my name! The picture that is being painted of me is ugly and untrue.” Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: Complex