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In this clip, Fredro Starr shared his thoughts on Kanye’s “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, and Fredro revealed that he’s started a “rap lives matter” movement. He explained that there is an increase in rappers dying today, which led to him starting the company. When it comes to “White Lives Matter,” Fredro thinks Kanye is trying to get attention, and he went on to speak about the meaning behind “Black Lives Matter.” He then added that a lot of white people marched for BLM, and Fredro stated that Kanye knows how to say “stupid sh*t” to make people pay attention to his newest project. Fredro then clarified that he thinks Kanye is a “genius,” and he added that he’d be open to working with him. Fredro added that he’d be down to do a beat battle with Kanye, which led to him speaking about his upcoming URL battle against Cortez.

Moving along, Fredro was asked about the Sanaa Lathan-directed film “On the Come Up,” which is about a female battle rapper, and Shirley Ju pointed out that Rhapsody wrote the rhymes used in the movie. Fredro admitted that he’s seen the trailer, but he has yet to watch the movie. Fredro spoke about working with famed television director Nigel Lythgoe and forming a company called Mad Global, where they will be starting new TV shows. Fredro revealed that one of the shows is called “Rap Your A** Off,” which focuses on the talent of the contestants in an “American Idol”-style competition.

Interview by: Shirley Ju
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