According to reports, a wild prison riot broke out at the Cotopaxi No 1 prison in Latacunga (Ecuador) on Monday, and at some point during the melee, the crime boss known as Leandro "El Patron" Norero was beheaded. With ties to criminal organizations such as Los Tiguerones, Chone Killers, Los Lobos, and Lagartos, "El Patron" was one of the most influential drug lords in his country. His drug trafficking schemes reportedly involved politicians and a massive network that frequented the ports of Guayaquil and Machala. 

The bloody beheading of "El Patron" was captured on camera, and it came just five months after the former crime boss was incarcerated for money laundering. Fifteen inmates were dismembered during the hellacious prison riot, and at the conclusion of the brawl, the victim's heads were displayed hanging from the prison's front gate. Law enforcement attributed the prison riot to a dispute between gangs over drug trafficking territories. 

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Source: USA Crime