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Part 18: Vlad Tells Boosie He Survived Home Invasion at Girl's House, Thought He Killed Attacker
Part 16: Boosie Goes Off: What Can a Street Rapper Rap About if Lyrics Used Against Him???
Part 1: Boosie Addresses Rumors He Had Something to do with Duke the Jeweler's Death


In this clip, DJ Vlad gives Boosie the rundown on a RICO case involving 26 members of an Atlanta-based criminal organization called the 'Drug Rich' gang and the way in which the District Attorney used rap lyrics to take them down. When DJ Vlad informs Boosie that Mariah Carey and Gunna were targeted by the group, he responds by telling DJ Vlad that his Atlanta home was also targeted by the 'Drug Rich' gang, according to a top Sheriff in the county.