Before he became a household name in hip-hop, Lil Durk dropped a music video for "Granny Crib" back in 2018. As he slowly rose to the forefront of hip hop, legendary landmarks tied to the rapper, such as O-Block, the King Von Mural, and Southside Chicago in general, have become tourist destinations for OTF fans. Unfortunately, they have also become somewhat of a gateway for rivals who wish to gain notoriety and/or have their manhood tested. 

A rap duo from the Englewood neighborhood of South Chicago named Y.T.N Rapper & A Trapper recently took to Instagram to share photos of themselves while standing on the front porch of a home that reportedly belongs to Lil Durk's Granny. In the viral photo, the alleged rivals of Lil Durk, appear to be throwing up gang signs.

"They Know We Be Turnt We Ave Makin Shit Hot 30s n Rugars 50s n Glocks we get the lo start posting at spots Young Trench N***** NMGJBLOCK 073...#7***kDeluxe Ain’t this Lil Durk Granny Crib," the caption read.

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Source: Instagram