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Part 16: Boosie Goes Off: What Can a Street Rapper Rap About if Lyrics Used Against Him???
Part 14: Boosie: They're Keeping All of YSL Locked Up Hoping One of Them Will Snitch
Part 1: Boosie Addresses Rumors He Had Something to do with Duke the Jeweler's Death


In this clip, Boosie spoke about the potential of Young Thug cooperating in the YSL RICO case and whether he’d have a career afterward. According to Boosie, he doesn’t see Thugger or any gangsta rapper making the decision to cooperate. He said there are those who were raised not to be rats since they were young children as opposed to those not socialized in a culture of non-cooperation with police and prosecutors. Vlad also told Boosie about the “stingray” device that’s been deployed in Fulton County Jail to collect data on inmates from their burner phones.