Ben Simmons's exit from the Philadelphia 76ers was sealed after Game 7 in the Eastern Conference semifinals when he passed up a wide-open dunk in favor of a difficult pass to his then-teammate Matisse Thybull. The decision triggered an ongoing conversation about the pressure professional athletes live under and the longstanding implications this has on the mental health of athletes. 

During his appearance on The Old Man and the Three podcast with former teammate JJ Redick, SImmons opened up about why he passed the ball during that pivotal moment in Game 7 which led to his entire career being upened. 

“In the moment, I just spun, and I’m just assuming Trae is gonna come over quicker,” Simmons said. “So I’m thinking he’s gonna come full blown, and I see Matisse going — you know, Matisse is athletic, can get up, so I’m thinking, ok, quick pass, he’s gonna flush it, not knowing how much space there was.”

Ben said he didn't realize the magnitude of the moment during the game and simply thought to “go make another play.” However, since everything has unfolded, Simmons admits “I should’ve just punched that sh*t.”