Chicago is one of the most popular metropolitan areas in America, but several decades ago, during the city's developmental period, it once had strong communal ties to the first Black cowboys in the country. Although the last city-run horse stables were made obsolete some time ago, there remains an active community of Black cowboys on the Southside of Chicago. In fact, it's still quite legal to go horseback riding on the streets of "The Windy City" as long as the rider complies with the rules of the road. Nevertheless, a video clip that recently surfaced online appears to indicate that two horsemen were confronted by the Chicago Police Department while galloping along the road for no apparent reason.

"What's up!" Shouted the horsemen as a Chicago cop car pulled up from behind him and slowly emerged on-screen. "You gonna keep on turning your [light bars) on?! I'm going [the opposite direction from you] now! Quit following me, that's harassment...You're harassing me bro...You're following me, that's harassment, man! I'ma go this way now! You, following me, you're harassing me man...."

"You're making a disturbance," responded the Officer as he looked at the horsemen through his car window.

"No it ain't, they let White people ride horses, why we can't ride them b*tches?" Asked an off-camera bystander.

"Aye, what's your badge number, since you wanna play these games?" Asked the horsemen in question.

The cop replied by shouting out his badge number before appearing to drive off.

This incident comes nearly two years after the city's famous "Dreadhead Cowboy" was arrested for riding his horse on the Dan Ryan Highway.

Scroll up to watch the encounter.

Source: Instagram