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Part 5: Michael Irvin Tells Warren Sapp: I Bashed My Teammate in the Head with Tray Over a Steak
Part 3: Michael Irvin Gets Emotional with Warren Sapp about Losing His Dad at 17
Part 1: Michael Irvin Tells Warren Sapp on Growing Up w/ 16 Siblings,Same Hood as Kodak Black


In this clip, Michael Irvin spoke to Warren Sapp about his mom talking him out of getting a job to help out the family, and he added that his mother made him promise to focus on football and become a superstar. After finding success in the NFL, Michael explained that he took his mom and aunt on vacations, revealing that they pocketed over $100,000 and ran up his card. To hear more, including Michael and Warren detailing their modest upbringings, hit the above clip.