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Part 2: Aries Spears on Lizzo Responding to Him with "I'm Winning H*!": I Wish She Said My Name


Aries Spears came through for yet another VladTV interview on the heels of him trending for his comments about Lizzo, and he started off explaining that he’s a comedian 100% of the time. Aries went on to state that Lizzo opens herself up for jokes when she does things like wearing a rear-bearing dress to a Lakers game. Aries added that he’s received a lot of backlash, but he added that he’s also gotten a lot of support. After adding that Lizzo is a “phenomenal” artist, Aries stated that he thinks Jill Scott is one of the most beautiful women he’s seen. Moving along, Aries explained that larger male artists have been targets for jokes, and he also spoke about the health issues that come with being overweight. When it comes to his interview with The Art of Dialogue, Aries stated that he made fun of himself, but he thinks that they cut those jokes out.