Deion Sanders recently sat down with  Well Off Media, where he shared his thoughts on the current state of the NFL Hall-of-Fame. 

Deion, who was inducted in 2011, stated that there needs to be a distinction for NFL greats like himself. He explained, "My jacket got to be a different color. There needs to be a starting 11, there needs to be an upper room. My head doesn’t belong with some of these other heads that’s in the Hall of Fame. What do they call it, the bust? I call it the head. Put my head up where it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry, I’m saying what you’re all thinking, and a lot of Hall of Famers are thinking the same thing. This is becoming a free for all now." 

Deion added, "It’s people who changed the game. That’s what the Hall of Fame is, a game changer. Not, ‘I played good, I had a good run, I gave you 3-4 good years.’ No, dog. Game changers."