It's been just over four years since the iconic Florida-based rapper known as XXXTentacion was gunned down during a robbery attempt outside of RIVA Motorsports in the city of Deerfield Beach. Since then, his legacy has grown exponentially, and with that, the demand for justice by his family, friends, and legions of fans, all around the world. 

It was recently announced that Robert Allen, one of the four co-defendants in the murder case associated with XXXTentacion's death, has accepted a plea deal in lieu of serving life in prison--although that outcome is still possible. Allen was the last person arrested concerning XXXTentacion's murder, and he is considered a 'person of interest.' The 26-year-old will testify against Michael Boatwright and Dedrick Williams, both of whom are facing first-degree murder charges. 

For more on this developing story, stay tuned.

Source: CBS News